At Healing Waters Laser Center, we are incredibly excited to offer laser therapy in Galena utilizing the state of the art Class IV K-Laser Cube. K-Laser and laser therapy in general are underestimated by many individuals, including us, until they experience the incredible power of the device at which point they start to understand it’s true potential. We have had a patient with severe arthritis in their hands come to us and feel immediate relief, and within weeks they were living a pain free life. From college athletes to casual joggers we have treated injuries and brought people back to peak fitness much sooner than they otherwise could have managed with any other treatment. Surgical scars can be minimized if treated soon after surgery, and can be broken up even years later when internal adhesions such as those from a c-section are causing pain. It is completely safe for children as well, we have helped young patients with ear infections as well as headaches and other pains that don’t seem to leave them.


There are so many incredible applications for this device that we cannot even begin to detail them all here, but we invite you to stop by for a no-charge consultation to see exactly how it can benefit you. If you go to our pages “What is laser therapy?” and “Scientific evidence for laser therapy,” you will be able to read a great deal more about the laser as well as find links to independent peer-reviewed studies providing ample evidence for the efficacy of laser therapy.

We haven’t met someone yet that wasn’t experiencing some level of pain and discomfort, nor have we met someone that we were unable to help. If you have discomfort or pain on any level and are tired of being resigned to living with it, it is time for you to stop in and talk to us. Call us at Healing Waters Laser Center in Galena at (815) 776-7610 to schedule your appointment for a pain-free life today.

Scientific Evidence for Laser Therapy

The use of laser in therapy and healing has been in existence for more than 40 years. Research is quickly progressing in identifying conditions that can be treated and in therapy laser technology.
Many published studies refer to laser therapy using the technical term photobiomodulation, or PBM. Other studies refer to the use of laser as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or High-Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT). Some studies are performed with isolated live tissue samples, some use animals, and some are performed on human subjects.

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