“I became a patient of dr. cluchey shortly after having my daughter. I was dealing with many of the aches and pains that moms deal with due to lifting, bending, twisting all the things that go with caring for an infant and then a toddler. About a year after i began seeing Dr. Cluchey, I developed pain in both of my feet that I thought was plantars fasciitis. Well, I was wrong and Dr. Cluchey made the correct diagnosis and it was heel Spurs in BOTH feet! It really made taking care of a very active toddler extremely difficult. I had great pain just trying to walk let alone chase her around a park! Dr cluchey used a non-invasive treatment method that took care of the heel spurs within a short period of time and I could walk without pain!! I am so grateful for Dr Cluchey and her kind, thoughtful, and professional treatment! I know my quality of life is better thanks to her treatments and invaluable advice!”

– Jean F. // Rockford

“Dr. Cluchey is a caring and attentive doctor! She is thorough and truly cares about her patients well being. She has a personal touch that I have greatly appreciated in the several years that I’ve been her patient.”

– Dollye K. // Rockford

“Dr. Cluchey has treated myself, my daughter during her pregnancy, my son’s new baby daughter. She cares for the individual and family! We can’t thank her enough!!”

– Paula Rasmanson // Rockford

“I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to see Dr Cluchey weekly throughout both of my pregnancies! Her careful adjustments to my hips and lower back kept me more comfortable and mobile until the end, and she followed up with me after delivery to see how we were doing. She gave me helpful tips for optimal health while carrying my babies and beyond. She gently adjusted my 3 year old in a way that made her feel comfortable. I highly recommend her for prenatal and family chiropractic care!”

– Tina Skinner // Rockford

“Dr. Cluchey has helped me immensely-with maintenance, plus post-surgical recovery, and treating the aches, pains, and injuries that come from hitting it a little too hard at the gym! But more than that, her great skill is matched by her great care and compassion. She listens thoroughly, treats with insight, and helps you maintain overall wellness. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

– Becky Boyland // Rockford

“Dr. Cluchey was our family chiropractor until she relocated. Our 5 children and I saw her at least once a month. We were very sad to see her go as she was a great help to our family’s health. She is great with all ages and helped me with prenatal adjustments as well. We would recommend her to everyone!”

– Laurie Nuñez // Rockford

“I am very active and began having shoulder and arm pain which was preventing me from giving my all to my activities. I sought chiropractic treatment and was having some limited success. However, when I started working with Dr Cluchey, she was able to work with me to customize treatment to not only relieve the pain but strengthen the whole area: neck, arm, and shoulder. I did not know that chiropractic could yield this kind of result until I met Dr. Cluchey.”

– Lisa Day // Rockford

“Dr. Cluchey is a kind, caring Chiropractic doctor. She is also a joyful person. She took the time to listen to my past history to determine the best treatment plan for me. I felt that she was genuinely concerned about me and my health. I had been experiencing a mild, but constant headache for several weeks. With one adjustment and some stretches, the headache completely went away! Her methods are gentle, but they really make a difference. I would highly recommend Dr. Cluchey!”

– Sara Lisle // Sycamore

“Because of Dr. Cluchy’s chiropractic care, I was able to keep up with the demands of being a busy Mom of 4. I always had a lot of tension in my shoulders and lower back pain. She always took the time needed to make sure I left feeling better than when I walked in. “

– Sarah Fuhrer // Pecatonica